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March 31, 2023


Panels relocation 🧹

All panels were moved to the left so you have more space for your notebook and it is easier for you to parse.

Well, actually not all panels.

The "About" panel — which contains info about last edition, contributors, tags, etc — is now accessible with a button at the top of the notebook title.


  • Panels: Both "Schedule" and "Queries" panels are now on the left side of the app to maximize the width available for notebooks.
  • Tags: A new design for improved readability and better integration with the rest of the design.
  • Shortcuts: 5 new shortcuts added in notebook view: move notebook ([.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]⇧[.c-key]+[.c-key]M[.c-key]), duplicate notebook ([.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]⇧[.c-key]+[.c-key]D[.c-key]) or toggle full width ([.c-key]⌥[.c-key]+[.c-key]⇧[.c-key]+[.c-key]F[.c-key]), and more...
  • Tutorial: New minimized view of the tutorial for better integration with the rest of the app.
  • Search: Improved performance of search in the data explorer.
  • SQL editor: Improved performance of [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] in the editor.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some crashes when hitting [.c-key]⌦[.c-key] to delete a data query.
  • All icons are now synced with our Figma.

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