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May 15, 2023


New text editor

We've revamped the text editor in our SQL notebooks from the ground up to make the notebook editing experience more comfortable than ever. Say goodbye to the old cluttered interface and hello to a sleek design that prioritizes productivity. So, what changed?

  • Contextual Toolbars. Different toolbar options based on text selection or typing [.c-code]/[.c-code].
  • Nested Bullets. Easily create sub-bullets (and even sub-sub-bullets) for better organization.
  • Markdown Shortcuts. Format text using only your keyboard, boosting productivity.
  • Enhanced Readability. Upgraded main font size to 16px for a better reading experience.
  • Inline Code. Add code snippets within your text as needed.
  • Dividers. Maintain clarity with separators to keep content organized.

Table of contents

Effortlessly explore your notebook with an auto-generated table of contents. Access it in a side panel or make it accessible within the notebook itself for your users to get a quick preview before diving in.

Other new features

  • Charts: Chart lines can now be dashed.


  • Added appropriate indexes to speed up notebook deletion.

Bug fixes

  • BigQuery: Fixed BigQuery column summary, table preview, and queries for sync that should specify the right project.
  • BigQuery: Fixed BigQuery permissions listed in our doc and connection modals that were incomplete.

April 28, 2023


New bubble charts

Introducing our new bubble charts! This type of charts allows you to easily compare and analyze data points with three variables. The size of the bubbles represents the third variable, adding an extra layer of information to your analysis.


  • We now support all types of BigQuery tables in the preview of a table documentation (added support for external tables and material views).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts being broken in some cases.
  • Fixed tables and charts resize in public view.
  • Fixed tutorial getting automatically maximized when a substep would complete, even when already completed.
  • Fixed deleting a data source being very slow.
  • Fixed some parts of queries flickering when loading/publishing/unpublishing.
  • Fixed typo in duplicate modal.
  • Fixed syntax coloring in Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

April 14, 2023



  • Query History: copy a query and its dependencies from a dedicated button
  • Charts: Add "auto-others" category in pie/doughnuts charts


  • New icons everywhere
  • Modals can be submit modals with Enter (or Cmd+Enter sometimes)
  • Improve performance of the Cmd+click popper on SQL
  • Home icon button can open in a new tab

Bug fixes

  • Fix share popper always displaying "Copy public link"
  • Fix some error on moving editor up/down in some cases
  • Fix result being built with columns in some wrong order for ClickHouse in some cases


  • Prune obsolete execution results from database

March 31, 2023


Panels relocation 🧹

All panels were moved to the left so you have more space for your notebook and it is easier for you to parse.

Well, actually not all panels.

The "About" panel — which contains info about last edition, contributors, tags, etc — is now accessible with a button at the top of the notebook title.


  • Panels: Both "Schedule" and "Queries" panels are now on the left side of the app to maximize the width available for notebooks.
  • Tags: A new design for improved readability and better integration with the rest of the design.
  • Shortcuts: 5 new shortcuts added in notebook view: move notebook ([.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]⇧[.c-key]+[.c-key]M[.c-key]), duplicate notebook ([.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]⇧[.c-key]+[.c-key]D[.c-key]) or toggle full width ([.c-key]⌥[.c-key]+[.c-key]⇧[.c-key]+[.c-key]F[.c-key]), and more...
  • Tutorial: New minimized view of the tutorial for better integration with the rest of the app.
  • Search: Improved performance of search in the data explorer.
  • SQL editor: Improved performance of [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] in the editor.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some crashes when hitting [.c-key]⌦[.c-key] to delete a data query.
  • All icons are now synced with our Figma.

March 27, 2023


New Help Center & keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet

Say hello to our shiny new Help Center — your go-to spot for all support things.

You'll find it conveniently located at the bottom right of your screen (or by pressing [.c-key]⌥[.c-key]+[.c-key]H[.c-key]), ready to provide you with quick access to our documentation, live chat support, and our also new keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet — [.c-key]⌥[.c-key]+[.c-key]K[.c-key] ([.c-key]Alt[.c-key]+[.c-key]H[.c-key] and [.c-key]Alt[.c-key]+[.c-key]K[.c-key] on PC).

Last but not least, you can now switch between light, dark and auto themes from anywhere in the app using the button next to the Help Center one.


  • Query History: Query History is now available for everyone in beta.
  • Query History: You can now decide to include queries from draft and/or published notebooks.
  • Result tables: We drastically improved performances when scrolling and resizing the tables (feel free to hit us up if you notice any difference!)
  • Notebooks: We reorganized entries in the notebook contextual menu.
  • Tutorial: Redesigned the minimized version of the tutorial.
  • Documentation: Added data model and data category icons in Documentation [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] preview ([.c-key]Ctrl[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] on PC).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed spacing around big value charts.
  • Fixed operators being clickable while holding [.c-key]⌘[.c-key] ([.c-key]Ctrl[.c-key] on PC) in SQL editors.
  • Fixed [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] staying active when using [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Tab[.c-key] on macOS.

March 9, 2023


⌘ + click in SQL

This version brings a brand new feature that bridges the gap between SQL cells and the Documentation panel, [.c-key]⌘[.c-key] + [.c-key]Click[.c-key] in SQL 🤓. Hold [.c-key]⌘[.c-key] (or [.c-key]Ctrl[.c-key] on PC) and click on any identifier in your SQL editor to access quickly its documentation. No more copy/paste between SQL queries and the Data Explorer!

Funnel charts

With the new "Funnel chart" option, display any funnel-like data in the best possible way, with horizontal or vertical orientation, specific labels, and color grades.


  • When hovering a user avatar, a new popper opens with some more detailed information about this user.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed comment bubble not being displayed for data queries when SQL is hidden
  • Fixed default and snapping behavior for table results
  • Fixed table height when there is only 1 row

February 23, 2023


New resizable tables

Result tables have been redesigned for better readability, with alternating background colors, and subtle shadows to indicate when the element is scrollable. This applies to result tables within notebooks, as well as table previews in the Documentation.

Additionally, result tables can be resized to better adapt to their content.

New features

  • Global Search: The global search dialog has been entirely redesigned to offer a better experience, with clearer filters, keyboard navigation and actions, and a style consistent with the rest of the app.
  • Query History: It's now possible to filter queries by the columns they use or refer to.
  • Charts: Data labels can now be toggled for each displayed series (not only at the chart level).
  • Charts: Data labels in pie charts and donuts can now display percentages of each slice with regards to the grand total.
  • Charts: The total of stacked series can be displayed on top of them on relevant charts.


  • Data Explorer: Better handle specific search strings like [.c-code]<schema>.<table>[.c-code] in Data Explorer.
  • Data Explorer: Higher-level elements stay sticky in the Data Explorer to ease browsing large data models.
  • Query Editor: Improved autocomplete by displaying first the columns of tables used in the query.
  • dbt: Now handle dbt manifest v8.
  • Onboarding: Removed the "Invite your team mates" step from onboarding.
  • Removed notification when syncing a demo data source.
  • Revamped connection modal for personal data sources.
  • Various UI improvements (color palette, button, expand icon).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed SQL editor losing focus when moving the item with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed data source resync and deletion failing in some cases.
  • Fixed last line of large SQL queries being non-clickable.
  • Fixed some values in scatter plots being displayed as [.c-code][object Object][.c-code] in tooltips.
  • Fixed location-related data types in postgres being displayed as [.c-code][object, object][.c-code].
  • Fixed local tables with a ; triggering an error when being referenced in another query.
  • Fixed draft notebooks not being displayed on home page on small screen.

January 13, 2023



  • Profile picture: Clicking on profile picture in settings now updates it to the latest one known to the identity provider.
  • Notion integration: Updated wording and added link to doc in the Settings page for Notion integration.
  • Query History: Now using specific wordings when there are no results when searching or filtering in Query History.
  • Updated icon buttons everywhere to match design system.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues in text editors on touch-enabled devices.
  • Fixed blinking items in Query History in some cases.
  • Fixed sidebar shortcut hint still being displayed when pressing a key.
  • Fixed "Run all" button not being disabled while executing.
  • Fixed authentication failing on a loop in some cases.

January 5, 2023


Query History (beta)

This version brings a brand new — and exciting! — feature in beta 🚀 : Query History. With this feature, you can search all queries of notebooks previously published by you and your team. The goal is to be able to write new queries faster, and to spread knowledge more easily among analysts — and anyone writing SQL queries.

Note: this feature isn't enabled by default for now. To enable for your account, go to Settings Profile Features preview and toggle on Query History (beta).

A new panel will then be available in your notebook screen, on the left hand side, that allows you to search previous queries, and filter them based on their author or used tables.

New features

  • New keyboard shortcuts: easily open and close the left and right panels in your notebook using [.c-key]⌥[.c-key] + [.c-key]1[.c-key]/[.c-key]2[.c-key]/[.c-key]8[.c-key]/[.c-key]9[.c-key]/[.c-key]0[.c-key] ([.c-key]alt[.c-key] + [.c-key]1[.c-key]/[.c-key]2[.c-key]/[.c-key]8[.c-key]/[.c-key]9[.c-key]/[.c-key]0[.c-key] on PC).
  • View executed SQL: When you reference local tables in a SQL query, Husprey injects them into that SQL code before sending it to your data warehouse. You can now have a look at that SQL, right from your query's run submenu.


  • Data Explorer: The Documentation panel is now integrated in the Data Explorer tab. They are now mutually exclusive with the Query History panel.
  • SQL full screen modals: Redesigned SQL modals to better support all cases (dbt model, local tables, executed SQL, etc.)
  • Notebook Editor: Added new text shortcuts to format blocks in our document editor ([.c-key]/h1[.c-key], ..., [.c-key]/text[.c-key]).
  • Postgres: Postgres materialized views are now handled in data source sync. "table type" was added in Documentation and view SQL definition is now fetched.
  • Postgres: Associatearray fields in postgres results to the underlying element type (and hence better handle arrays of JSONs).
  • Query Editor: Autoformat multiline SQL comments (the ones that start with /**).
  • Query Editor: Navigate from/to the query handle with arrow keys.
  • Query Editor: Untitled queries now always show "untitled_query" as handle.
  • dbt: Improved performance of dbt artifacts ingestion.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed SQL compilation issue in some cases.
  • Fixed "Running" tooltip on the "Run" button being not displayed anymore.
  • Fixed data model not being refreshed after adding a data source in some cases.
  • Fixed displayed values for schema and table counts being incorrect when adding / resyncing a data source.
  • Fixed alignment of the "No local table" text in left panel.
  • Fixed spacing in demo data source item.
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