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Limited preview

Data notebooks for Business decisions

Husprey is the data platform loved by both Business Users and Data teams.
The most convenient way to share narratives and decision making with direct access to data.

Husprey is the modern notebook to make decisions based on data. We believe it is time to bring together narrative and data. For your weekly reports or ad-hoc analyses.

Data and narrative.

Husprey’s data notebook is designed to help Business Users make decisions based on data

Your data work
finally appreciated

Notebooks are accessible with a link.
It's easy to ask a review from your data teammate. Or to receive claps for your work

Company knowledge.
One notebook at a time

Work is organized in workspaces and you can easily find the notebooks written by a colleague on a similar topic

"We just started using Husprey. It helps me democratize access to our data with Business teams while enforcing format and quality. I am also looking forward to reducing time spent looking into already answered topics."
Staël - Horace