Let your business team work with the best data team. Yours.

Husprey brings collaboration around your data analytics process making it easier to gather questions from Business and Operations teams and more effective to answer.


⚡️ Reduce both load and lead times

Husprey designed a powerful data-specific search. When it makes sense it recommends the best answer to Business or Operations based on the work previously done by the Data team. It means time saved from answering the same questions again and again.

🛣 Offer trust & visibility

Relations with Business and Operations teams are not always... smooth. Visibility over processes and opened priorities makes Business teams trust analytics.

🤓 Promote data analytics’ best practices

Husprey’s data request flow is designed to help data rookies ask the right questions from day 1. Data literacy will flow in your company. And it starts from the tools people already use: Business users can use Husprey right from Slack!

📘 Build up knowledge

One data request at a time, transparently gather data knowledge. As a data analyst, quickly search through previous requests related to the same dataset, the same department or the same methodology.

Bring collaboration to your data analytics process.

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