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Husprey is dedicated to providing data teams with an integrated workspace where they can best accomplish their mission.

Data teams are drowning in a dashboards, screenshots and copy-paste chaos. They spend 50% of their time answering business questions and building data narratives, and yet traditional BI does not serve this use case: it focuses on dashboards and self-serve.

Husprey aims at providing data teams with an integrated workspace where they can best accomplish their mission. We build a top-notch collaborative interface and leverage the latest Modern Data Stack technologies. Data and decisions are finally gathered in elegant data analytics notebooks.

Delightful data experience for happier data teams and better data-informed decisions!
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Our origin story

Thibaut and Joffrey have been working together for the last 6 years on several data-intense products, serving millions of users with cutting-edge experience and technology.

Both were aiming at leveraging available data for better company operations and product. Yet, they strongly felt the pain of ineffective collaboration and inappropriate tool set. Too many times, they saw great data work being misused or simply forgotten about.

As they were reflecting on their next venture at the beginning of 2020, it became clear that founding Husprey was the best way to bring their product and data experience together, and revolutionize the data space.
Picture of Thibaut Collette

Thibaut Collette

Co-founder & CEO
Picture of Joffrey Villard

Joffrey Villard, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

Our values

We dedicate ourselves to building a company with unimpaired values that will grow alongside its users.

Exigence bienveillante

It’s about challenging each other so we aim for excellence while deeply caring personally.
We have yet to find the perfect translation 🇫🇷

Data informed > Data driven > No data

We build a data platform so we are kind of opinionated here. A decision should be the result of brain juice and data. We eat our own dog food to make decisions.

Be ambitious,
stay humble

Humility plays a key role when it comes to listening to and learning from team mates, customers and others. Yet, this does not lower our self-confidence and ambition to revolutionize the data space.

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|ˈhʌspri, ˈhʌspreɪ |


Portmanteau word built from human and osprey.


Human. We want to emphasize that Data Analysts were actually responsible for transforming raw data into advanced data insights.

Osprey. The fabulous osprey is a fish-hawk who flies over water (data lake, anyone?), seizes exquisite fishes (data insights), and shares them with the whole family (team data knowledge).

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1. Listen to Osprey sounds on eBird

2. Read on Ospreys abilities on National Geographic (2021)

3. Download a coloring book (PDF) by The International Osprey Foundation (2003)

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Husprey is a powerful, yet simple, platform that provides tools for Data Analysts to create SQL notebooks effortlessly, collaborate with their team and share their analyses with anyone.