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dbt™ integration

Husprey fully integrates with dbt to sync transformation metadata. Descriptions, dbt models, freshness and columns constraints are now available directly in your notebooks.

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How it works

Bring dbt metadata in Husprey

Once connected to a dbt Core or dbt Cloud project, Husprey displays transformation metadata directly in the Documentation Panel.

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When investigating a data quality issue or answering an ad-hoc request, you are now able to iterate faster knowing about the details of any column transformation. Whether it comes from a source or a model.


2 minutes to sync your models

Whether you're using dbt Core or dbt Cloud, Husprey got you cover. Both our integrations are quick and easy to set up.

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dbt Cloud integration relies on the powerful dbt Metadata API to sync both sources and models metadata.

Generate and paste credentials of the dbt Cloud job you’d like to use and that’s it. We told you, less than 2 minutes.

Note: The dbt Metadata API is available to accounts on the Team and Enterprise plans, for all dbt versions above v0.19.0.

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dbt Core integration works by uploading dbt artifacts to Husprey.

After a dbt invocation that builds models and generates documentation, run a single command to do so. This specific command and the API key is available from your Husprey settings page.

TIP: If you want metadata to stay up-to-date add this command to your usual data orchestrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What metadata is synced with the dbt integration?

Husprey syncs the metadata that you would need the most in order to iterate faster on your work. In details it means:
- For sources: description, freshness status and criteria
- For models: description, SQL (source and compiled), columns list, source tables lineage, freshness status (based on source tables lineage)
- For columns: description, tests (unicity, nullity, ...)

How is this additional metadata displayed in the Husprey app?

Metadata is directly linked to any actual table (or view) and its columns.

When displaying details about your data warehouse (data types, column preview, queries’ examples, ...), you can also see all dbt metadata. If you already use Husprey, your workflow stays intact.

Is the dbt integration available in the Free plan?

No, the dbt integration is not available on our Free plan but is included in both the Team and the Enterprise plans.

If you have a small team but would like the integration, you can contact our support and we will find a solution together.

How often is the data refreshed?

With dbt Core, the data is refreshed as soon as you upload new artifacts. Most of the teams using the integration, added the command line to their data orchestrator. We will let you pick your favorite.

With dbt Cloud™, the data is refreshed on a frequent schedule. If you’re part of the dbt webhook beta, ping us so we can activate this for you.

Have another question? Please feel free to contact us at hello@husprey.com

Set up in 2 minutes

dbt Core™️ integration works by uploading dbt artifacts to Husprey.

After your dbt invocation dbt docs generate, you have a single command line to execute. You’ll find the mandatory API key in your Husprey settings.

TIP: If you want metadata to stay up-to-date add this command to your usual dbt workflow.

What is husprey?

The best tool to document and share your work with SQL notebooks

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Our notebooks are the easiest way to feature your brain juice while iterating on data. From quick investigations to deeper data-supported decisions.


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Husprey will automatically sync your schema so you can easily find the information you want.
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