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March 27, 2023


New Help Center & keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet

Say hello to our shiny new Help Center — your go-to spot for all support things.

You'll find it conveniently located at the bottom right of your screen (or by pressing [.c-key]⌥[.c-key]+[.c-key]H[.c-key]), ready to provide you with quick access to our documentation, live chat support, and our also new keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet — [.c-key]⌥[.c-key]+[.c-key]K[.c-key] ([.c-key]Alt[.c-key]+[.c-key]H[.c-key] and [.c-key]Alt[.c-key]+[.c-key]K[.c-key] on PC).

Last but not least, you can now switch between light, dark and auto themes from anywhere in the app using the button next to the Help Center one.


  • Query History: Query History is now available for everyone in beta.
  • Query History: You can now decide to include queries from draft and/or published notebooks.
  • Result tables: We drastically improved performances when scrolling and resizing the tables (feel free to hit us up if you notice any difference!)
  • Notebooks: We reorganized entries in the notebook contextual menu.
  • Tutorial: Redesigned the minimized version of the tutorial.
  • Documentation: Added data model and data category icons in Documentation [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] preview ([.c-key]Ctrl[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] on PC).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed spacing around big value charts.
  • Fixed operators being clickable while holding [.c-key]⌘[.c-key] ([.c-key]Ctrl[.c-key] on PC) in SQL editors.
  • Fixed [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Click[.c-key] staying active when using [.c-key]⌘[.c-key]+[.c-key]Tab[.c-key] on macOS.

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