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February 23, 2023


New resizable tables

Result tables have been redesigned for better readability, with alternating background colors, and subtle shadows to indicate when the element is scrollable. This applies to result tables within notebooks, as well as table previews in the Documentation.

Additionally, result tables can be resized to better adapt to their content.

New features

  • Global Search: The global search dialog has been entirely redesigned to offer a better experience, with clearer filters, keyboard navigation and actions, and a style consistent with the rest of the app.
  • Query History: It's now possible to filter queries by the columns they use or refer to.
  • Charts: Data labels can now be toggled for each displayed series (not only at the chart level).
  • Charts: Data labels in pie charts and donuts can now display percentages of each slice with regards to the grand total.
  • Charts: The total of stacked series can be displayed on top of them on relevant charts.


  • Data Explorer: Better handle specific search strings like [.c-code]<schema>.<table>[.c-code] in Data Explorer.
  • Data Explorer: Higher-level elements stay sticky in the Data Explorer to ease browsing large data models.
  • Query Editor: Improved autocomplete by displaying first the columns of tables used in the query.
  • dbt: Now handle dbt manifest v8.
  • Onboarding: Removed the "Invite your team mates" step from onboarding.
  • Removed notification when syncing a demo data source.
  • Revamped connection modal for personal data sources.
  • Various UI improvements (color palette, button, expand icon).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed SQL editor losing focus when moving the item with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed data source resync and deletion failing in some cases.
  • Fixed last line of large SQL queries being non-clickable.
  • Fixed some values in scatter plots being displayed as [.c-code][object Object][.c-code] in tooltips.
  • Fixed location-related data types in postgres being displayed as [.c-code][object, object][.c-code].
  • Fixed local tables with a ; triggering an error when being referenced in another query.
  • Fixed draft notebooks not being displayed on home page on small screen.
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