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August 22, 2023


Markdown export for notebooks

We've been listening to your feedback and are excited to introduce a game-changing feature: the ability to export your SQL notebooks to **Markdown**. Additionally, any images and charts in your notebook will be provided as separate files, all neatly packaged in a ZIP archive.

Other new features

  • Notebook editor: New handy options are now available on all blocks in a notebook by clicking on the drag-and-drop handle!
  • Scheduled Execution: It is now possible to configure the notifications about executions when scheduling a notebook.
  • Execution on published notebooks (alpha): With that new feature preview (which should be enabled in Settings > Workspace), you can now execute published notebook and allow readers to execute notebooks.


  • Notebook editor: When adding Business Goal or Takeaways, that new section should automatically get the focus.
  • Notebook editor: Drag-and-drop handle for blocks are now hidden on published notebooks.
  • Variables: Made variables-related errors in local tables more understandable.
  • Variables: Support properly empty values for dynamic Single Select variables.
  • Variables: Various minor UX improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Notebook editor: Fixed crash when selecting from above a query to inside it then pressing delete.
  • Execution panel: The panel could sometimes scroll unexpectedly.
  • Code editor: First brackets in a query were marked as selected in SQL editor, even if editor was not focused.
  • Table of contents: Clicking on an item in the table of contents didn't scroll to the right section in a published notebook.
  • Variables: Fixed variables being improperly cast for Postgres and Clickhouse.
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