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July 18, 2023


Drag and drop in editor

We are excited to announce a significant update to our notebooks : the new drag-and-drop functionality in the editor. This feature, highly requested by a lot of you, allows you to effortlessly reorder all types of blocks within your notebooks.

We believe that this improvement will significantly enhance the ease of use of our notebook editor and help provide you with a more seamless workflow. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature!

Other new features

  • Variables: It is now possible to reorder variables with drag-and-drop (drag-and-drop, drag-and-drop everywhere 👋🌈).
  • Variables: You can now also duplicate variables.
  • Variables: An onboarding helper hint is now displayed in the variable configuration popper.


  • Design: Various UI elements were improved (selects, dropdowns, menus, segmented picker, etc.)
  • Performance: Optimized when the SQL analyzer runs.
  • Performance: Now dynamically compute the size of the result pages fetched from the data warehouse, so that to optimize network traffic and data manipulation.
  • Notebooks: Data Explorer will no longer be open by default when opening a published notebook.
  • Variables: New variables are now added at the bottom of the varialbes list.
  • dbt: Added support for dbt manifest v9.

Bug fixes

  • Variables: Deleted variables were still be included in values to update when running notebook. This is now fixed.
  • Variables: Fixed null values not being filtered out when building dynamic select options.
  • Queries: Fixed queries list being refreshed when creating a new one.
  • Queries: Fixed SQL clickable error when identifier was not found.
  • Free trial: Topbar widget was mistakenly still visible even after adding payment method.
  • Table of contents: The table of contents visibility wasn't properly passed to a new notebook when duplicating a notebook.
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