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January 5, 2023


Query History (beta)

This version brings a brand new — and exciting! — feature in beta 🚀 : Query History. With this feature, you can search all queries of notebooks previously published by you and your team. The goal is to be able to write new queries faster, and to spread knowledge more easily among analysts — and anyone writing SQL queries.

Note: this feature isn't enabled by default for now. To enable for your account, go to Settings Profile Features preview and toggle on Query History (beta).

A new panel will then be available in your notebook screen, on the left hand side, that allows you to search previous queries, and filter them based on their author or used tables.

New features

  • New keyboard shortcuts: easily open and close the left and right panels in your notebook using [.c-key]⌥[.c-key] + [.c-key]1[.c-key]/[.c-key]2[.c-key]/[.c-key]8[.c-key]/[.c-key]9[.c-key]/[.c-key]0[.c-key] ([.c-key]alt[.c-key] + [.c-key]1[.c-key]/[.c-key]2[.c-key]/[.c-key]8[.c-key]/[.c-key]9[.c-key]/[.c-key]0[.c-key] on PC).
  • View executed SQL: When you reference local tables in a SQL query, Husprey injects them into that SQL code before sending it to your data warehouse. You can now have a look at that SQL, right from your query's run submenu.


  • Data Explorer: The Documentation panel is now integrated in the Data Explorer tab. They are now mutually exclusive with the Query History panel.
  • SQL full screen modals: Redesigned SQL modals to better support all cases (dbt model, local tables, executed SQL, etc.)
  • Notebook Editor: Added new text shortcuts to format blocks in our document editor ([.c-key]/h1[.c-key], ..., [.c-key]/text[.c-key]).
  • Postgres: Postgres materialized views are now handled in data source sync. "table type" was added in Documentation and view SQL definition is now fetched.
  • Postgres: Associatearray fields in postgres results to the underlying element type (and hence better handle arrays of JSONs).
  • Query Editor: Autoformat multiline SQL comments (the ones that start with /**).
  • Query Editor: Navigate from/to the query handle with arrow keys.
  • Query Editor: Untitled queries now always show "untitled_query" as handle.
  • dbt: Improved performance of dbt artifacts ingestion.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed SQL compilation issue in some cases.
  • Fixed "Running" tooltip on the "Run" button being not displayed anymore.
  • Fixed data model not being refreshed after adding a data source in some cases.
  • Fixed displayed values for schema and table counts being incorrect when adding / resyncing a data source.
  • Fixed alignment of the "No local table" text in left panel.
  • Fixed spacing in demo data source item.
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