Data to boost your Product decisions

It is time to bring together narrative and data.
Our Data Notebooks will bring back the context missing around your current data efforts.

A notebook with a title, some text and a chart
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Build impactful weekly reports and game changing investigation


Impactful reports

Dashboards are good for monitoring. Notebooks are good to make decisions based on both brain juice and data.

Husprey lets you easily build recurring or one-off reports with both a direct access to the data you need the most and also space for your takeaways!

Make sure people around read and remember the decisions made!
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Join your Analytics and Production data

Data Engineer prepping data into a single place is a rare commodity. On the other hand, joining data from different sources is a great source of insight.

With Husprey, connect to different data sources and join them on the fly. Example: "Are we sure we correctly tagged users who failed during the activation funnel?"
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Never start from scratch

No, you don't have to start from scratch each time you have one more data request. And yes, most of the data questions are built with existing blocks from previous questions and queries.

Husprey makes sure it's easy to reuse prior data work. From you but also from teammates.
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Husprey keeps everyone aligned and working without friction. Product managers, data scientists, and peers — all collaborating in one tool.

Staël Anicet

Data Analyst

Use data from all your data sources

Use data coming from different data sources in a single report even when you don’t have this Data Engineer on hand.

Architected for data security from the start

We value your privacy and the safety of your data. 
Husprey takes all necessary measures to provide you with the best security.
GDPR Compliant
We're committed to protecting your data and helping you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.
You own the data
Husprey helps you process your data. You stay the owner of your data. Note that we don’t copy your database.
Secure servers
Our infrastructure is managed on a secured infrastucture. Your data stays encrypted both at rest and on transit.

What people say about us

Staël Anicet
Data Analyst
We just started using Husprey. It helps me democratise access to our data with Business teams while enforcing format and quality. I am also looking forward to reducing time spent looking into already answered topics.

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