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Limited preview

Share data-driven and collaborative reports

Husprey is the data platform that will help you analyse and get insights with a direct access to data. Collaboration with your Marketing and Sales teams will no longer be an issue.

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Track your performances and its progress over time

Social Media Campaign
Get insights from your social media campaign, share easily the results and the takeaways for future planning.
Cold Emailing Campaign
Analyze the reply rate a cold emailing campaign and plan using the insights directly from data the next campaigns.
Landing Page traffic
Keep track of your Landing page traffic and easily report the results.
Connected to
Simple and intuitive
Data Notebooks are documents that joins text, pictures, charts and tables to summarise the information.
Build easy Data Notebooks, share them with your team, get insights and make decisions!

Join all the data from different tools

Get crossed insights with direct access to data

Build intuitive and collaborative reports using data

Make better data-driven decisions and share it with everyone

"We just started using Husprey. It helps me democratize access to our data with Business teams while enforcing format and quality. I am also looking forward to reducing time spent looking into already answered topics."
Staƫl - Horace