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Withings streamlined access to data warehouse for both data analysts and data champions

Paul Jouhaud

Paul Jouhaud

Lead Data Analytics

Withings revolutionized connected health by launching the world's first Wi-Fi scale in 2009. Since then, the Withings brand has grown to become synonymous with integrating innovative and meaningful measures into easy-to-use devices designed to empower people to make the right decisions for their health.
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Paul Jouhaud, Lead Data Analytics at Withings, shares how using Husprey helps them deliver faster. Husprey in a word? Efficient. In one place, Analysts can: run queries, add informative content, and collaborate with non-data experts.

Notebooks Withings teams created to serve their usecases:

  • Direct Sales | Weekly Report | 2022W36
  • Impact of inactivity reminders on users’ steps count
  • Zoom on our API Usage
  • Keep Me Informed cohort analysis
  • Impact of product weight on Logistics costs
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Testimonial : Paul Jouhaud - Lead Data Analytics at Withings


Paul Jouhaud: Hi! My name is Paul Jouhaud. I lead the Data Analytics team at Withings.

Husprey: What does data mean at Withings?

PJ: Data is at the core of Withings' DNA. We manufacture health devices that are built to measure and share these results with users.Internally, we also use data to make better decisions. Decisions based on facts, and then follow-up on the impact of these decisions over time. Data can also let us to discover new health metrics.

H: How is the Analytics team organized?

PJ: The Analytics team at Withings has an hybrid structure. Meaning that all team members are part of the same Data team but are spread in various teams: Product Management, Machine Learning, and Marketing.The goal is to be very close to the ones actually using data, but also to pool knowledge and tools.

H: Can you share some use cases?

PJ: We use data to ensure that a new software release won't negatively impact battery life. We can also follow a new feature usage over time. And finally, we also investigate and monitor health metrics variability in collaboration with our medical team.

H: How would you describe Husprey?

PJ: If I had to describe Husprey with just a word, I'd say 'efficient'. In one place, we get our data warehouse doc — thanks to dbt sync. This will enable us to run our queries in our databases, and rerun these exact same queries later on. All these while adding all the informative content and collaborating with non-data experts.

H: One recent analysis example in Husprey?

PJ: The analysis regards user engagement, churn specifically. I sat down with the Engagement team to better understand it, deep-dive, get their feedback and collaborate together.

H: Job Alert

PJ: We are hiring in our team! We are looking for individuals who are curious, with a sound mind, and who are willing to dive into our databases to make the best decisions.

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