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Maritime Freight

Shipfix added storytelling to their freight reports for faster and better iterations with their clients

Pierre Binon

Pierre Binon

Head of Research and Data

Shipfix have been a disruptive actor in the maritime trade sector. With their data community platform, Shipfix brought structure to the field. They extract data from various emails and transform it into detailed databases and insights. And just like that, entire workdays are saved and the businesses can focus on improving their operating performances.
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Pierre Binon, Head of Research and Data Analytics at Shipfix, discusses how Husprey helps him in his day-to-day tasks to better understand his customers' stakes and share conclusions of his analytical work both internally and with external clients. Husprey notebooks have a real effect on his work. To him, a notebook tells a story and doesn't give only raw data to users.

Notebooks Shipfix teams created to serve their use cases:

  • Impact of containers' shortage on staple
  • Steel, grains and coal shipments evolution over 2022
  • Postgres to BigQuery migration checks
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Testimonial: Pierre Binon - Head of Data at Shipfix


Pierre Binon: Hi! My name is Pierre Binon, I am an engineer, and I come from Auvergne, France. I am the Head of Research and Data Analytics at Shipfix.

Husprey: Could you describe Shipfix in a few words?

PB: Shipfix is a software built for shipping players. When there is a 50 thousand tons ship needing to be loaded, or a 50 thousand tons freight taken from Brazil to China, today everything is done by emails. Shipfix will extract these emails' data, structure it, and enable the field's players to focus on what matters most.

H: Could you let us in on a typical work day?

PB: Three things I usually do. First, I write reports, either internal or for clients. Then, I work on maintaining databases, especially their quality and the critical knowledge associated. The last thing I do is write specs for all data features. I am in charge of these specs until debugging and testing data.

H: How would you differentiate notebooks from dashboards?

PB: To me, the notebook is a brand new format, which has established itself next to dashboards. Compared to a dashboard, a notebooks tells a story and doesn't give only raw data to users.

H: One recent use of Husprey?

PB: At Shipfix, we use Husprey to write custom reports for our clients, quickly iterate with them and understand the metrics they need.

H: A word to describe Husprey?

PB: Either aesthetically pleasing or fast!

[End of Interview]

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