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June 26, 2023


Variables now available in beta

We've been working hard for the past few months to bring you a highly requested feature: the ability to add variables to your queries. And today, we're thrilled to announce that variables are now available to everyone in beta!

So, what exactly are variables? They're your secret weapon for dynamic query customization. With variables, you can easily replace values in your queries using interactive widgets. To get started, simply open the Execution panel on the left side of your notebook, create a variable, and embed it in your SQL code by typing [.c-code]{{variable_name}}[.c-code] in a query.

We offer variables in four types: [.c-code]boolean[.c-code], [.c-code]number[.c-code], [.c-code]string[.c-code], and [.c-code]lists[.c-code] (with single or multiple selections). The best part? List variables can be populated not only from a static list of values provided by you, but also from the results of a local table!

With this update, we're excited to make our notebooks more powerful than ever for data analysts. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this new feature and learn about your specific use cases!

Other new features

  • Users management: Admins can now suspend users from the settings of the app. Suspended users will no longer have access to the workspace and won't be able to register back to the workspace.


  • Execution: While executing one or several queries, the status of the execution is now displayed in the left tabs.
  • Documentation panel: It is now possible to keep the documentation panel open without the Data Explorer.
  • Queries panel: Clicking on a query with error in the Queries panel now scrolls to the query instead of opening the documentation panel.
  • Table of contents: Improved design of table of contents in the notebook body.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed resized result table not filling all available space when in fullscreen.
  • Fixed erroneous "notebook has been migrated" error in some cases.
  • Fixed local tables without title, or with invalid one, being listed in autocomplete.
  • Fixed SQL analyzer running too often, prevent it from lasting forever and using too much CPU.
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