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Product update - Folders

Tidy up your workspace with folders and new shortcuts

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Thibaut Collette

August 19, 2022 ・7 min read

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Summer is the perfect time to tidy up your workspace. You can start now!

🗂 Introducing folders

Husprey Notebook - Folder Overview
First look at our new folder page

The first teams onboarded on Husprey notebooks a bit more than year ago, now. Time flies but most importantly notebooks count grows.

2,000+ of notebooks were created since then.

Several teams owning hundreds of them! This strong usage makes us proud and forces us to go further. While we had a tagging system, we unequivocally heard the same missing feature over and over.


Folders workspace tree allows you to create children and sub-children in order to keep things organized.

A few lucky users were even able to beta test this feature. Alongside this change, we're bringing design improvements to our Home page for an even better experience. Can't wait for your feedback.

🧹 Tidy up your workspace

Husprey - Notebooks tidied in Folders
New shortcuts to tidy up your workspace

We made it super easy to create subfolders and notebooks directly from a folder view, using simple N and F keyboard shortcuts. But you can also move, rename, delete only by hovering an item and pressing M, R or Delete/Backspace.

Drag and Drop notebook in folder
Quick and easy Drag N' Drop

You can even Drag N' Drop analyses and folders to move things in the right place.

🗑 Introducing the trash - Marie Kondo style

Notebook with Trash Banner : Restore notebook or Delete permanently
Restore it now or delete it forever

We also took the time to add a much needed... Trash feature!

You can now send something to trash but most importantly you are able to restore a trashed piece of work saving you headaches when you move (too) fast (and break things).

When needed, you'll also be able to force delete. Keep it tidy.

🛣 More shortcuts

Run queries shortcut laptop keys
Run it all with three little steps

Husprey helps you get things done. Faster.

Shortcuts should help you get things done. Faster-er.

We'll continue to add shortcuts over time to ease your life.

The latest addition? The "Run all" shortcut. Crtl/Cmd + Maj + Return.

Performance improvements

In parallel to all of those new features, we regularly ship continuous enhancements. Those include performance fixes to make Husprey run smoothly. Any feedback on performance is more than welcome. Any feedback in general in fact.

Part of the team will enjoy some days off during summer but our support will continue to be up so do not hesitate to ping us whenever you need to.

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Husprey is a powerful, yet simple, platform that provides tools for Data Analysts to create SQL notebooks effortlessly, collaborate with their team and share their analyses with anyone.